the fact that “teen suspended for asking miss america to prom” is the number one trending topic on facebook right now

and korea isn’t mentioned on any of the current trending lists

i give up

i’m done

this does not sound like the prom i know.

our senior class officers are ridiculous and didn’t do enough fundraising so instead of $100 like last year it’s $125 per person.
w h y

prom bids got hella expensive this year and i also have to pay for my prom date


send help

i’m trying to keep myself updated on the recent disaster in south korea, but i have no words. all i feel is overwhelming sadness. please stay strong.

"do you speak any foreign languages! if so do you like learning them/ are they fun or which is your favorite :) do you want to learn any new ones!"

i speak mandarin chinese! i can also do a bit of conversational japanese, since that’s what i studied in high school.
i’m hoping to take on german or french as my next language.

"wait, so are you joining choir now?"

no, i play the euphonium in wind symphony but the choir director and i really get along because i was the head stage manager for the musical (which she produces). she’s letting me sing sweeney todd with the choir for my final concert because we actually went to see the nyphilharmonic performance with emma thompson!

"Thank you"

it’s no problem at all. if you would like i can leave my anon open for whenever you want to talk.

"I don't even really like myself most days, how the hell is anyone else supposed to? I mean, I'm an emotional wreck who doesn't let anybody close. I only have one friend who isn't on the internet and I'm afraid I if I let people get to know me too well they won't like me. I don't like me. I'm basically screwed."

deep breaths deep breaths. i have good days and bad days. the good days are wonderful. on bad days i just space out and lose hours doing absolutely nothing.
sometimes i type messages to people in facebook chat and then delete them when i start thinking that people won’t respond because it’s not funny or clever enough.
i wouldn’t give up hope though, anon. you’re going to learn to stop being afraid of yourself and of other people. keep talking to people little by little.
do one thing every day that scares you.
best wishes. x

"help i think i might be in love"

secret: i am always in love. i’m such a sucker for lovers. people are wonderful and beautiful and complex and fascinating.
loving someone is nothing to be afraid of.

"I'm scared no one will ever love me."

oh no no no honey of course that’s not true. i’m scared of that too.
but the first thing you can do is to love yourself. everything else will come naturally. do not worry. i believe in you. x

to the anon with the best friend-
fuck, anon. that got too real too soon. i actually feel you so much right now as i’m basically in that situation as well. do what you feel is right.
best wishes. x

anonymous is on for the night and my ask box is open so tell me your secrets and i’ll tell you mine.

wearing a hat that is clearly too small for my head but

it has ears

it has


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