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Feb 2013

daphne makes shirts.

Jan 2013

found my old ikea frame.

Jan 2013

so i made this and i’m thinking about getting it printed as a shirt? without the tumblr url of course…

a bit of graphic design humor.

"some men just wanna watch the world kern."

Dec 2012

"maybe okay can be our always."

Dec 2012

tried my own paper embroidery. part two of the quote coming soon

Dec 2012

i’ve actually been personally using it for a while and i kind of love it.

Dec 2012

"i go to seek a great perhaps." 

the last words of françois rabelais, made famous by john green’s looking for alaska

→iphone wallpaper made by teslawasrobbed.

Dec 2012

good things.

Sep 2012

what started out as a simple “daphne plays with paper and tape” project turned into an obligatory doctor who craft.

Sep 2012

obligatory mustache mug post

Sep 2012

john green typography series (?)

"I go to seek a Great Perhaps." - François Rabelais

Aug 2012

an open letter to students returning to school poster

requested by powerofstudentvoice


Aug 2012

a good morning sunshine postcard/mini poster

Aug 2012

if that’s all there is, my friends, then let’s keep dancing.

warning: this sleep no more post contains spoilers, especially concerning the porter 1:1

brace yourselves, this is a long one.

edit: i’m a bit embarrassed about how i wrote as if i knew everything about the mckittrick when now i’ve met people who know the hotel like the backs of their hands. end note.

ah so okay i went to sleep no more for the second time. my last trip was on june 29th. wow. i didn’t even realize it was that long ago.

so my last trip i followed malcolm and macbeth the most, played by ben thys and paul zivkovich, respectively. by pure coincidence, yesterday (august 13th for the record) i had the pleasure of meeting them both and actually talked to them. i nearly died.

walking into the mckittrick again was all too familiar. i was afraid i would get bored. and frankly for the first hour, i did. i kept running into scenes i’d already seen, some more than once. like the interrogation room dance with malcolm and… macduff? maybe banquo. believe me, it’s absolutely breathtaking. but after getting locked in a “rare” scene three times, it gets less and less magical. i’d seen malcolm shave duncan two times, scream “DUNCAN!” three times, duncan’s death two and a half times times, the discovery of his body four times, duncan’s funeral procession two times. needless to say, there was a lot of duncan in my two trips.

after wandering about for an hour and a half, i stumbled into the manderley bar. the functional one. not hecate’s. but yes, i accidentally stumbled into the manderley. oh right. actually before this, i think i discovered the porter. i’m not really sure of the order of things anymore, it was all a bit hazy. i’d heard great things about the porter (nick bruder’s, though my dear porter was paul zivkovich) and was relieved i found something i’d never seen before.

after following his cycle for a good half hour, i followed him into his porter’s room and on the way watched him write a note. “it will have blood, they say. blood will have blood.” which, coincidentally, on my last trip i’d seen malcolm type on his typewriter in the detective’s office. he looked up at me and pulled out the chair and motioned for me to sit. at this point there were still people behind me and the door wasn’t closed, so i knew it wasn’t the true porter 1:1 yet. but he folded a paper boat from a sheet of mckittrick paper, and took a ring from this crystal bowl. he then very slowly and deliberately placed the ring inside the tip of the boat, and crunched the paper around the tip to hold it in place. i was shaking, wondering if he would hand it to me. instead, he left the boat on the table, and got up to leave the room. after following him around some more, i watched him do marvelous dances and jesus christ this man is a phenomenal actor and dancer. his macbeth and his porter were so soft and sweet. so slow and emotional, rather than violent, like nick’s porter and also nick’s macbeth. there was a dance scene in the telephone booths where boy witch came over and shared a little kiss with the porter, and you could see the longing in paul’s eyes. but boy witch played with him and pushed him against the wall of the booth. and they did this crazy little charade. porter wanted to kiss him again and again and boy witch just jsdkljfsd. the sexual tension between the two actors was incredible. and if you look closely at paul’s face, there are tears in his eyes. after a few scenes by the telephone booths, he dances around rather merrily, pulling sheets over some of the furniture. at one point he looked at me, but instead he took the man next to me’s hand and pulled him into his little room. i stopped chasing him for a bit after that, i knew it was over for now.

feeling dejected, that’s when i headed out, and eventually found myself in the manderley for the first time since walking into the mckittrick. i saw ben thys from across the room. my malcolm! what a pleasant surprise. he was sitting on the cushioned seats by the stage, and i noticed him staring at me. i was still wearing my mask, and staring back at him, i went to sit down next to him. he looked up at me before i sat down and said, “you can take off the mask here, it’s okay.” i took it off, and he said “oh, you have such a beautiful face. why would you ever keep it on?” i’m sure he’s said that line to countless women who find themselves alone in the manderley with him, it was rather exciting to hear it coming from an actor i loved so much my first SNM trip. he asked me a few questions, and i asked for his name. he was playing leopold this time (when i got home i discovered that sometimes leopold will have “something to show you” and then you get led to the sixth floor. darn.).

i went back into the depths of the mckittrick, pretty certain that i knew what was on each floor. i walked into the candy shop more than twice and confidently took jars off the shelves and took handfuls of candy, just to show people it was alright.. i even offered fellow white masks some. it was nice being able to show people something only i seemed to know. i avoided going into macbeth’s bedroom for three reasons: one, i wasn’t particularly fond of nick’s macbeth (after a lovely and sensual paul-macbeth), two, the crowds get pretty big, and three, i’m pretty sure i’d seen all of the macbeth scenes. i ran into the rave scene again, that was… nice. the hilarious moving of the christmas trees, part of the banquet. it was all stuff i’d seen before. rather appropriately, i found myself thinking, is that all there is?

lucky for me, it wasn’t. longing for the porter again, i went back to his floor. and it was in the middle of the cycle, scenes i’d seen before. i stayed close to him again, i knew it could be my last chance for a one on one. and i finally got it. he stared at me intensely, and i stared back. i reached out my right hand a little, but he grabbed my left instead. and we ran. oh, we ran. his grip was nice and firm but not too harsh. { porter 1:1 spoilers begin here } we ran back into the porter’s room, which i was oh so familiar with by now. he motioned to the chair, and i sat. and stared back at him. he pulled off my mask. i felt naked without it. how dare he take away my anonymity? my three precious hours of protection under the mask. he reached on a high shelf and pulled down a cardboard box. in it there were two items, a tube of deep red lipstick, and a shaggy black wig. he had a mirror in front of him, and we both looked into it. he put on the lipstick very slowly and i noticed tears streaming down his face. silent tears. paul conveys emotions so well. i noticed that with his macbeth too. you could see the self hatred, in both characters. he then put on the wig, and he looked in the mirror. he smiled at what he saw, but rather bitterly. he took the ring and put it on my finger (AH!). and we both stood up and he hugged me in a great big bear hug, and whispered, “i like you so much” (AHH!). he didn’t kiss me on the cheek or my mask, which i heard nick’s porter did. feeling ashamed of himself, he quietly wiped off the lipstick, pulled off the wig, and put the box back on the shelf. i kept staring at him, and he ushered me out of the room. { porter 1:1 spoilers end here } i followed him back into his sitting area, and he looked at me and did the “shhh” motion. after that, i stopped following him, in fear of him getting annoyed, and wandered about again, and i heard the music and i knew it was time for the banquet finale scene. and i thought the night was over. but i was wrong.

making my way through the after-show crowd in the manderley, i found my friends and we freaked out about dani’s first time and joyce’s fifth time. we stayed to listen to the music, and it was simply beautiful. smooth, sexy, gorgeous sound. we went over to the bar for drinks (just water, we’re all underage) and i saw paul. and he turned around and noticed me and i was like “that was a great performance!” and he was like “hey, i know you!” and i held up my ring finger and was like “yeah, i met you before!” and wait, cut scene:

paul: you followed me a lot! thanks so much for that

me: yeah you were great! i couldn’t stay away

paul: i’m usually macbeth, but sometimes i’m this guy. [sidenote: the way he said this guy just so nonchalantly. it was kinda adorable.]

me: yeah, i saw you as macbeth last time i was here! really amazing

paul: oh really? have you seen this cast before?

me: no it was a completely different cast my last stay

paul: well it was great meeting you, thanks for coming!

and i went to sit down and enjoy the music. then i went over to a blackmask and asked for a pen, and made my way over to paul to get him to sign my card. he was talking to someone else (i recognized him as the man who got the 1:1 before me), and i waited for him to finish. it looked like the man still wanted to talk to him, but i was like “sorry to interrupt, but i’m about to leave. will you sign my card?” and cue cut scene two:

paul: sure, sure of course! (he looks around for a flat surface and walks over to a table, completely abandoning his previous post next to the group of curious SNM attendees. he starts to write on my card, but the pen doesn’t work well with the texture of the mckittrick playing card) it’s not working! ah!

me: maybe the bar has pens?

paul: oh, right! (he waits at the bar rather impatiently and then realizes he’s an actor and therefore he can go behind the bar. he grabs a pen and starts signing. it works! when he goes to sign my friend’s card, the pen stops working again and again he says:) it’s not working! it’s not working! (and mind you, paul has this adorable faint australian accent and he’s just so precious. he goes behind the bar again and again for more pens. such a sweetheart. he makes smalltalk:) so you’ve probably been here a bunch of times, eh? (whoops i guess i’m just an SNM expert now since PAUL ZIVKOVICH said i seemed experienced. that man is perfect)

me: no it’s just my second time!

paul: oh wow! i’ve talked to folks who’ve been here 50 times! (geez, 50? i thought i just misheard him because of the loud music and the accent, but that’s what my friend heard too)

and then i had to leave and it was sad but i thanked him for a beautiful performance. and i went home. but not before purchasing a mckittrick book. i fell asleep at 4AM talking about the trip with my friends, and the smell of the mckittrick is still fresh in my mind, and evidently in my hair. and life, was good.

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Aug 2012
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as if you were still in the hotel. you can’t get the music or the smell out of your head.
doing a dance with an actor who doesn’t know your face but knows exactly who you are and where you’ve been. running in the darkness with people you don’t know, but trust completely. getting locked in small…

general blog post about sleep no more.